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My mission is to help you thrive through the essence of energy healing, spiritual wellness/life coaching and mindset shifting to harmonize the connection you have with yourself and others. Rebalance your body’s energy system, shift your mindset and find harmony in your life with a personalized session.

Let’s rebuild your spirit back, together.

FREE Discovery Call

Not sure which service is the right one to choose for yourself? Schedule a FREE discovery call with Chrissy today to gain clarity.

Virtual/Distant Reiki Session

Zoom virtual/distant Reiki sessions offer the healing benefits of Reiki energy from the comfort of your own space. During a session, we will connect via Zoom video call. The session begins with a brief discussion to set intentions and discuss any areas of focus or concerns.

Once ready, I will guide you through relaxation techniques to help you enter a receptive state. Then, using distance Reiki techniques, I then channel healing energy to you, focusing on balancing the body's energy centers (chakras) and addressing any specific areas of tension or imbalance.

Throughout the session, you may experience sensations such as warmth, tingling, or deep relaxation as the Reiki energy flows.

After the energy work is complete, there is time for the us to share your experience and any insights gained during the session. I may offer guidance/intuitive messages or suggestions for self-care practices to support ongoing well-being between sessions. You will also gain access to my private meditations, stretching videos, visual guidebook, energy balancing recipes and my at home self-care journal.

Overall, Zoom virtual/distant Reiki sessions provide a convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of Reiki healing from anywhere in the world.

1 Hour Virtual Session: $125

Spiritual Wellness Coaching Session

During your spiritual wellness coaching session, Chrissy guides and helps you find your light again. She offers guidance, support, and motivation to those who may feel lost, stuck, or disconnected from their purpose or passions. She works collaboratively with her clients to identify their goals, values, and strengths, helping them rediscover their sense of direction, purpose, and inner motivation. Through personalized strategies, encouragement, and accountability, she empowers her clients to overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and cultivate a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Ultimately, she helps you find your light again, serves as a beacon of support, helping you navigate life's challenges and reconnect with your authentic self.

Coaching Sessions for: Stress Management, Habit Forming Management, Anxiety Management, Managing Time and Rediscovering Who You Are.

1 Hour Virtual Session: $125

Take your mind/gut connection to the next level! Mind/gut coaching session.

Finding it challenging to pinpoint exactly what the mind/gut disconnect is?

Sign up today for a mind/gut coaching session today.

Together we will explore your challenges or goals related to mental and gut health. We will discuss the impact of stress, emotions, and lifestyle factors on gut function,  explore any patterns or connections you have noticed between your emotional state and digestive symptoms. I will help guide you in mindfulness techniques to help you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. I offer personalized recommendations to support your gut health, such as dietary modifications, stress reduction techniques, sleep hygiene practices, and physical activity.

Together we will set specific, achievable goals to work towards improving both your mental and gut health. I will provide ongoing support and encouragement to help you stay motivated and accountable for your goals which may include follow-up sessions to track progress, make adjustments to the plan, and address any challenges that arise.

1 Hour Virtual Session: $125


“My first session ever with Chrissy. I didn’t expect much before the session. Little did I know… she was able to dig deep and provided the spiritual healing I needed. It was better than any therapies I’ve had in the past. After the session, Chrissy provided a summary via email, advised me to do some grounding homework and checked on me multiple times after the session. It was truly a blessing to work with her!”

“Chrissy creates an amazing experience with her coaching.  She adds such a personal touch, carefully considering every detail.  Her compassion and care before, during, and after the session is filled with love, positivity, and kindness.  I walked in feeling heavy and weighed down and I walked out feeling light and free.  Truly a beautiful experience.”

“WOW, this was absolutely a 5 star experience with Chrissy! Chrissy’s nature instantly helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. It was a life-changing hour to say the least! I can't wait to go back and experience Chrissy's incredible energy healing again!”

“Chrissy is the best!  I was very unfamiliar with Reiki, but Chrissy helps explain everything before she starts and makes you feel so comfortable before the session. During the session I felt so much warmth and relaxation and could feel the healing energy from Chrissy. Everyone will have a different experience, but it will be an experience you will thank yourself for later. This takes self-care to another level. Do it for yourself and you will not regret it!  She is truly a Sunshine soul herself and radiates light and positivity. Don’t hesitate!”

“I am absolutely in Love with the services provided. I have had a session with Chrissy and it was a beautiful experience. My heart felt release during session and I felt lighter in the days following. Chrissy has helped me so much with healing, developing inner strength, and taping into and trusting my intuition. I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking to heal and grow. The ripple effect it has had on so many areas of my life is incredible.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from this experience , yet somehow it exceeded my expectations! Chrissy has such beautiful and caring energy I felt very nurtured and safe right away. Throughout the session I floated through different brain waves and felt sensations as she moved around my body, it was magical. Afterwards I felt relaxed , and also energized. This feeling continued throughout the entire day. 5 stars all the way, I will be seeing her again very soon!”

“Wonderful experience!  Chrissy is a very focused and an authentic professional; highly trained and dedicated.  She is full of such positive energy that it is infectious.  Her methods are very calming and decompressing to achieve a high level of stress relief and provide an improved life balance.”


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